Wednesday, April 26, 2006

holy moly

oh yeah, thats fuckin right. i'm on the interweb once again. we finally got it flowing into the new house, so here's an update of sorts for all my international fans and followers. so basically since i got back to the old country, i havent been doing shit...and i couldnt be happier. i'm not working at the volcano because i decided i dont want to work anymore. so i havent even attempted to get that job. but since my money is running out we began what has been dubbed the "great hawaiian job hunt." as you can see from the pictures below, the first few days were pretty hectic.

day one...the pool was nice and cool and the sun was quite warm on my white ass.

on day two we decided to go back and "job hunt" in the same area. by this time we were starting to get a little stressed out from all the hard hunting.

we were pretty stressed from those first two days and the weather was shitty on day three so we spent the entire day reading at starbucks. the only bad thing about that was that at some point i filled out an application there and have since had two interviews and will be finding out in the next day or two if i got the job. i would rather not work at all, but if i have to, working at starbucks wont be so bad i guess.

ok, all shenanigans aside, i have been riding my bike like some kind of bike riding machine or something and i'm about to start hitting the higher altitude trails so i can get into shape for the mauna loa trip this august. 36 miles one way, 4 day trip, over 13000 feet. anyone who wants to join me is welcome, the more the merrier.

a morning bike ride through some vicious lava fields...hill in the background that i'll be ascending in the days to come. its not high, but its a jungle. machete is required. it should be interesting.

this is my favorite morning ride. starts only 1.5 miles from my house, 11.4 miles later i'm at some beautiful cliffs where i decided to do some rock climbing and was able to recieve my first rock climbing accident. i'll let the pictures tell the story.

i also scraped up my right arm, right calf, and gouged my left ankle pretty bad. rest assured though, as soon as my back doesnt feel broken and i can use my left hand, i'll be back on the trails and ready for mauna loa in august. i'm actually really happy now, more happy than i've been in a long time. being back here with the people i love is the greatest. now i just need to convince some people to get their asses out here and i'll be flying fucking high. peace out for now, gotta go pick up people from school and what not and if you get a chance, call and tell ashley happy birthday, its today, the 26th. 813-298-6161 or 808-965-0965.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

holy canole

thats right, an update. dont know when i'm gonna be able to update again after this, dont know that i'll care to. the only person that reads this will be by my side one day from now. i've been at my dad's now for just over a week. it's been interesting, that's for sure. its always strange to come back to the place you spent your formative years. sometimes you see old friends and realize they arent that great, sometimes you see old enemies and wonder why you were ever enemies to begin with. sometimes shit just freaks you out and you spend a lot of time thinking about the events that have brought you right back to the place you started at. life really blows my mind. i decided that since i was only gonna be here for two more nights and i was already into my second to last night, i'd go and take some night pictures. colorado can be a really great place to photograph. i cant stand living here or even being here for that matter, but it is god damned photogenic, thats for sure. i spent almost two hours in the blistering cold, shot about 50 pictures and ended up with about 4 that i actually somewhat liked. i dont even really like them that much. i was too cold and tired to really go too far, so i got what i got. here they are for your viewing pleasure. feel free to send all critiques and shit talk to me. i always enjoy it.

this one was taken at my high school...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ahhhh, insomnia

yeah, thats right, the old bitch insomnia has moved back into my bed. i actually have to work tomorrow too. its all good though, in less than a month i'll be leaving here and a few days later i'll be in hawaii for good. well maybe not hawaii for good, but back with ash for good. so i finished my second book this week tonight. after i finished that one i started on another one, then stopped and realized that i've read well over a thousand pages in the past week or so. thats quite an accomplishment. i'd have to say that i'm pretty well read. or something. i finally made ash's shirt tonight too, i really like it. i havent done one that looks anything like it before, i think thats part of the reason i like it. i like the idea of her having something made by me thats not like anything anyone else in the world has or will ever have. stupid ass leah said she wants a shirt, but has no clue what she wants on it. how can i possibly work under conditions like that? i also noticed i havent finished dave's pirate ship tattoo, but i'm just really not motivated enough to do it. but i guess part of being a professional artist is doing things i normally wouldnt do for people i dont actually like. either way, it probably wont get done before i get back to hawaii. i'll just do it then when he can watch it progress and tell me what he wants changed and what not. i hate long distances. i also have been thinking a lot about starting to write again lately. i think it'll help with the bullshit i keep bottled up inside me and maybe someone will like it and give them a few hours of entertainment like i've been given by authors for the past 18 or so years. maybe i will, maybe i wont. its hard for me to start though because of the fact that people usually dont like my style. the last time i wrote something, people told me it was disgusting and horrible. so yeah, i've got that to deal with. i dont know, we'll see how much free time i've got when i move back to da island. this by the way is one of my favorite pictures of all time...

Friday, January 27, 2006

on the upswing

finally, after what seemed like forever, i'm on my way back to hawaii. i'm definitely leaving here on mar 8, stopping in colorado for about 2 weeks, maybe not even a whole 2 weeks. not sure on that detail yet. i am sure that i'm leaving here on mar 8 though. if anybody is wondering what to get me as a "congratulations on going back to hawaii"'s a hint.

Monday, January 02, 2006


whew, 2005 is finally over. i definitely stayed up to make sure that one went. not really, i was actually asleep pretty early on new years eve. i went down to see my ma, probably the last time i'll see her for a while. i'm finally going back to hawaii in about 2 months. i cant wait to get out of this shithole. i keep thinking about 2005 and there really isnt anything at all that was really good about it. the last half of 2004 and 2005 were a definite low point for me, but i'm pretty optimistic about 2006. in october of this year i officially entered a new phase of my relationship with ash. i've never been with someone over two years and and october 3rd was our 2 year mark. i've honestly never felt a connection with someone like the one that we share. i know for a fact 4 times over that i'm going to be with her for the rest of my life. she's really the only part of my life these days that can actually give me a genuine warmth in my heart and make me smile for real. ok, enough gushing. i've been considering a lot and i want to join the peace corps. its a 27 month commitment and i wont go unless ash will go with me and the only way its guaranteed that she can go with me is if we're married and she said she wont until school is over, so i'm going to start saving as soon as i get back to the island and start working to pay for us to go on a trip somewhere. i really want to go to nepal and i found a two week package for about 5000 for both of us. i just suddenly have a need to do a lot of things before i have kids so that when they're growing up they have someone to look up to that actually did things with his time. not just some zombie in a suit that worked a pointless job until he died. i also firmly believe that everyone should do as much as they can to see the world. this is our only planet and over 90 percent of the population of the world dies only knowing the little corner they grow up and live in. i dont want to be like that. so yeah. 2006, what the fuck you got? here's a lil kerouac fo yo brains. drop some knowledge on dis shit...

dear to our hearts---it is a
very eerie dream---completely
alien, strange, unfriendly,
unfamiliar, is why it hurts us...
When I saw the thorns rock in the wind like ripples on the sea I shivered from
the strangeness and realized that the familiar thing is not this world but the
Pure Bliss of the Unborn.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

like a kick in the teeth

thats about how much i love my life right now. less than an hour until christmas and i'm sitting in my one room palace, alone, eating hormel chilli, with beans mind you, out of the can with a fork that probably isnt really clean. how was your holiday?

another one down

hey bitches, another week is almost done, another week closer to me being away from here and away from this situation for good. i have to work on christmas and i just found out i'm probably working on new years eve also which means i cant go down to florida and see my mom, but i'm desperately trying to get someone to work for me. it's kinda fucked up when the same person has to work thanksgiving, christmas, and new years eve. in other news, i finished the second shirt design. as you can see below. i definitely like this one more than the first one and i cant wait to order them. this one is gonna be on a grey shirt and i'm gonna do the other one on a light blue shirt. let me know if you want one, they'll be 10 dollars plus shipping if i have to send it somewhere. if you know me, just tell me. if you dont and you stumble across this, im me on yahoo @ liv2sk8, aim @ jeffers6356 or just email me to the yahoo address. there are a couple people who obviously wont have to pay and they know who they are, just let me know what you want. so here is the second design...

Thursday, December 22, 2005


i fell asleep early last night, like 5:30 early and i woke up at 3 and i cant go back to sleep now. i've been working my ass off on the cabeleven stuff. the website is coming along and i've got another shirt design almost done. i'm actually liking this one more than the first one. i also decided when i reorder the other shirts i'm only going to order one color for each design. again, inspired by rob dobi and his fullbleed stuff. i guess i just think that if people dont like the color i decide for my designs then maybe i dont want them to wear my stuff anyway. probably not the shortest road to never working a normal job again, but i'm not going to sacrifice for the consumer. so yeah, now that i've gotten that rant out, i'm gonna go watch more curb your enthusiasm. thanks a lot rob dobi. he got me interested in the show, so i watched an episode and now i'm addicted. one of the most original funny shows i've seen in a while. its actually the only show i watch now since i think that tv is our generation's black plague. so here, for anyone that cares, is an unfinished preview of the newest design...